Cemetery Love Club Archive

January 17, 2005

Cemetery Love Club

Cemetery Love Club has joined Strangeways Records!

August 01, 2004


the band's albums, "4 a.m." and "we talk like children," are set to be reviewed in september's issue of venus magazine.
le tigre is going on the front cover! weee!

June 01, 2004


we've relocated to portland, oregon from arcata, california. we'll miss our loverly friends mucho. *sniff*

May 01, 2004

last show in humboldt

cemetery love club will play its last show in humboldt on may 14 with heller mason, breezy porticos, the ian fays, level anchorage and mike conway at the placebo.

April 01, 2004

radio play

we got played on 94.1, KSLG!

for previous shows and radio appearances, go here.