cemetery love club press


the arcata eye,
feb. 23, 2004

also featured in the north coast journal, fox 29's 'what's going on, khsu and kslg.

Venus Magazine review
Fall 2004

4 a.m.

At first glance at their name, one might mistake Cemetery Love Club for the latest in electo-new wave, but the duo's first album, 4 a.m., proves otherwise. With just one guitar, Katie Kovacich's petal-soft voice, a bass, and the occasional drum beat, Cemetery Love Club create some of the sweetest sleep indie rock since Rebecca Gates.

Joined by her sweetheart, Ryan Blackmore, Kovacich claims, 'We're super in love and happy ... but the music doesn't reflect that.' That may be, but the lyrics on 'Volvo' seem to tell another story: 'Yes it's all my fault/ I work seven days a week/ I'm going out all night/ It's no wonder I feel under/ But there's so much to do/ And I don't want to waste a minute/ Time is short and precious/ I won't lose, I won't lose.' If hidden passion like this doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps the eerie 'Winter Girl' will do it for you, where you can almost hear a chilling wind blow over Kovacich's shoulder as she sings into the mic; take that and add a guitar that pricks like bony fingers creeping down your spine, and you would swear they were standing in the midst of a graveyard.

Though a valiant effort was put forth by Kovacich and Blackmore, it is obvious that this is their first time recording. It will be interesting to see what becomes of 'the world's most in-love couple' (as California's Arcata Eye puts it), but for now you can look past the production quirks and savor every last eerie drop of 4 a.m."

- Jim Keller